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Knitting pattern

Fat Fur Headband

Fat Fur Headband

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This is a digital knitting pattern in PDF format, which is sent as a link in your order confirmation right after purchase to your e-mail.


Product Description

Fat Fur Headband is knitted as a tube. The headband is knitted in a long-haired mohair yarn that as a last touch is brushed with a mohair brush so that the fibres become long and fur-like. 

To get the furry look it is recommended to use a long-fibred yarn like mohair, alpaca or angora. 

There are several patterns in the Fat Fur Collection. So go check out: Fat Fur Hat, Fat Fur Boa and Fat Fur Mittens



Small (large)

Fits a head circumference of

53 - 58 (59 - 64) cm

Recommended needles

Circular needles 6 mm (40-60 cm)


12 sts and 18 rows with needle 6 mm with two strands of yarn.


Mohair brush


Bella from Permin (50 g / 145 m)

75 % kid mohair, 20 % wool and 5% 

polyamide. (Brown - Brun 883279)

50 (100) g 

Yarn substitutions

Fat Mohair from Sysleriget

Fluff fom Hipknitshop (NB yardage)

Chunky Mohair from Painters Yarn

Mega Mohair from Ladybug Yarn

Honor from Lang Yarns

Alpaka from Frisenvang

Fluffy Mohair from Strikkefeber (NB yardage) 

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